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Name:  Kathleen Oliver
Date:  5/15/10
Comments:  I don't have the appropriate words to write after reading the beautiful story of
your family... My friends from college had a baby boy last week, Levi, who was born three
months premature. He is in critical condition in Virginia and I couldn't understand why
something like this could happen until I read your story... Thank you from the bottom of my
heart and my thought and prayers are with your family...

Name:  Roxanne
Date:  4/22/10
Comments:  Cameron's Story was brought to my attention by Dan & Ashley Kingsley-Bigelow.
Until their twins were born I had never seen babies so small and helpless. I was fortunate
enough to have 3 healthy babies who are the light of my life. I am so sorry for the loss of
Cameron. From the video I could see how loved he was if only for such a short time. One of
the first gifts I gave the Bigelow twins were books. I always read to my babies throughout
their lives. I would love to send some books for your project In Memory of Isabella and for
John's continued progress; please let me know where to send them.

Name:  Laura Lewis
Date:  3/31/10
Comments:  Hi, I'm not sure if you remember us, but my family remembers you and your
beautiful baby boy very well. Our son, Ryan, was next to your baby, Cameron, in the NICU for
the nine days we spent there. I am so sad to hear the news of his passing, We often
wondered how things turned out for your family and prayed for the best for you guys. I
wanted to let you know that your strength inspired me, being a young and fearful first time
mom in a scary situation. I couldn't imagine what you must be going through. You are doing a
wonderful thing for many people out there. God bless you and your family.

Name:  Kara Hendrick
Date:  3/7/10
Comments:  I heard about Cameron's Journey from the South High Marathon Dance. I
decided to go online and read more..HOW AMAZING... You are doing so much to help others
and should be so proud... I delivered a set of identical twin boys in Oct of 2004. The boys
were born at 28 weeks and weighed 3lbs each. They were born here in Glens Falls but 30
mins after birth, flown to AMC.  They were in the NICU for 6 full months and then of course
like many, set back into the PICU .. One of the boys, seemed to be holding his own but baby
B was still struggling.... He was in the PICU for another 2 months..Needless to say, with
having 5 other children, times were tough and had definitely changed our world as we had
once known it to be. My husband and I in those 9 months made it down to AMC everyday
even if it was at 1 a.m. For us, I have to be honest, we didn't have much support down there.
We felt very alone with a lot of unanswered questions about our sons. We could have only
wished we had met someone like you. We had no idea where to turn, where to go, what to
do.. My boys are now 5 years old and are doing amazing... They are in kindergarten at
Queensbury. At the age of two, we did find out that one of the boys is profoundly deaf and
has been affected by something called Kernicterus, which has effected him with mild CP and
other minor health issues. I am so BLESSED to have them with us each and every day. I
can't tell you how much it hurts when I hear of other parents having to deal with the
struggles we once faced. I would love to do whatever I could to help you in your amazing
Project...THANK YOU so much for all you are doing... YOU ARE CHANGING LIVES...

Name: Yvonne Cooke
Date:  3/1/10
Comments:  I read Cameron's story in the Daily Gazette this morning and was very moved.
Our daughter was born at 27 weeks. She weighed 2lbs, 1 oz at birth. Fast forward to present,
she is going to be 16 on May 11th. We are very blessed. Samantha spent 3 months at the
AMC NICU. We experienced the helpless feelings you described in the article. We read "Love
you Forever" to our precious baby on a regular basis. My husband also made an audio tape of
music that meant something to him to place in her isolette in a mini tape player. These
gestures helped us bond with our baby. Samantha loves music and is performing in the school
musical this year. We could not be more proud. Thank you for the project you have
established in honor of your Cameron. We will be sending some books to you via Amazon. We
send your family our deepest sympathy in your profound loss.

Name:  Karen and Jim Folmsbee
Date:  3/1/10
Comments:  We will make your cause our own in an obituary being written today, as the
"Grammie" (also a tiny twin when born herself in 1921) passed away yesterday. Our own
twins are 1 lb and 3 lb. survivors from NICU at Albany Med. They'll be 27 next week.

Name:  Ashley
Date 2/16/10
Comments:  I haven't heard such an amazing story in my life! I thought I had a had a tough
time. My daughter was born February 9th, 2009 at Albany Med. She only weighted 1lb 9oz. I
was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome and they had to deliver her when I was only 28 weeks
and 3 days pregnant. I knew for sure I was going to be in for a big scare. But through
strength, love, and hope..she is now 17lb and made it to see her first birthday. Since all this
happened to me and my daughter our family has been very appreciative of the doctors,
nurses, and all the other staff at NICU's all over! I can't wait to add your book to my
daughter's book shelf :] And please feel free to contact me I left my e-mail address. God
bless.  The Bowery and Perez Family

Name:  Suzanne Brown
Date:  2/16/10
Comments:  Your story touched my heart. Our daughter Kristen Brown was also born
premature, and was transferred from A O Fox Hospital in Oneonta to Albany Medical Center
on 3/7/81 - two days after her birth - she had severe hyperbilirubinemia, and was transfused
the next morning. We actually drove through a snowstorm at midnight to reach Albany Med...
well, now she teaches 7th grade special education at South Glens Falls and we are certainly
blessed to be her is wonderful that you are sharing your story and carrying on
Cameron's legacy.   Suzanne and Roger Brown

Name:  The Williamson Family
Date:  2/15/10
Comments:  This is such a great tribute you all are doing for Cameron. God bless you all!

Name:  Kara & Pete Dudley
Date:  2/3/10
Comments:  What a wonderful way to honor your precious little angel. Pete & I were so
excited when we found out that Project: Cameron's Story was chosen as a recipient for the
Marathon Dance this year!!! Congratulations to you and your family! We look forward to
seeing you guys throughout the weekend! There is an alumni who is interested in
spearheading a book drive before and during the dance. Contact me and I will give you more
details. We wanted to run it all by you first. Congrats again and welcome to the SHMD
Family!!! Love, Kara, Pete, Dylan, Peter, & Kaesen

Name:  Tonya (Brown) Nissinoff
Date:  1/30/10
Comments:  I read about your loss in The Chronicle the other day. You are such a strong
person. I am so proud of you and your family. Your story brings tears to my eyes but fills my
heart up with hope and strength. My first, Abigail, was born 5 1/2 weeks early weighing 3lbs.
She was a fighter and very strong. Now almost 4 years old, she is still a peanut but doing so
well. I cannot imagine having had lost her or my other child. We have both suffered losses
over the years since high school but you remain in my mind. Take care and stay strong.

Name:  Lynne Hale
Date:  1/21/10
Comments:  Your incredible strength and faith in the face of adversity is an inspiration on so
many levels. I am so happy you were blessed with your time with Cameron.

Name:  Linda Levy
Date 1/19/10
Comments:  I moved away from the Albany area last summer and I hadn't heard that Cameron
had passed away. I am so sorry about your immense loss. You are such a special family and
your story times were very moving to all of us who cared for Cameron. This is such a
wonderful project. You and Cameron will be forever in my heart.  Linda Levy (NNP)

Name: Sarah Kuriplach
Date:  1/2/10
Comments:  I just want to tell you how touched I am by your story. My son was born
11/4/09 and was 780 grams. I was only 24 weeks...and very scared. He is now 1575 grams
and doing great! I was in the NICU the day the books were delivered and received the book
"Harry and the Lady Next Door". I look forward to starting to read to my baby, Oliver! My
deepest condolences to you on your loss and God Bless.

Name: Tom  Sylvia
Date:  12/10/09
Comments:  I so admire how you have taken so unfortunate circumstances and made
something positive out of it. A truly remarkable story and a fantastic cause.

Name: Theresa Nicholson
Date:  12/02/09
Comments:  I know of Cameron's Story through Kristina. I would like you to know that your
story has touched me deeply and admire you immensely for sharing your story.  Please
accept my deepest condolences for the loss of your precious boy. My family will certainly be
donating books to such a wonderful cause. God bless you!

Name:  Aaron & Rebecca Baum
Date:  11/22/09
Comments:  Congratulations, on the news of the upcoming donations of over 100 plus books
to the NICU on Wednesday! What a PERFECT way to bring in the holiday. You are such an
AWESOME family, and we are very excited to watch Cam's foundation grow! God Bless!

Name:  Nancy Ellis
Date:  11/21/09
Comments:  I received this e-mail from Joy Griffin, Missy's mother. I was born and raised in
Glens Falls, but live now in North Carolina. I have been touched by Cameron's story. You are
wonderful for doing this Non-profit. If you want books, please let me know what ones you
need. If you would prefer money to buy books, please let me know. Good luck with this
project. If I was there, I would help you.  Nancy

Name:  Russ, Danielle, Livia and Lucas Wiltsie
Date:  11/20/09
Comments:  We are so grateful we have had the chance to know Cameron and his family. The
night our son Lucas was born we met Cameron. The minute we met I knew that we made
friends for life. On the second day of Lucas being in the NICU, both you and Maura found the
heart that formed on Lucas isolette.I believe that is an amazing sign from both our boys.
They have been each others best friend since the beginning. I can't tell you how happy I am
that Cameron was able to come home and we were able to see him. You are doing an amazing
job honoring your son. My family values the friendship we have made over the past few
months. You have inspired us. I saw your strength and Cam's the first time we saw you in the
NICU. Our boys left us too soon. I know that they are together and that gives me some
peace...We are always here for you through the highs and lows. We are grateful that you and
your family have been there for us as well. We love you guys...

Name:  Maura (Cameron's "angel" nurse)
Date:  11/19/09
Comments:  This is such an awesome tribute to such a special, strong and wonderful baby
boy! I miss you Cam! But I'm so glad that your Mommy has started such a great project to
help other families bond with special story times! I'll always remember how intently you
watched and listened to Mommy read your stories(and how animated she was as she read
them to you!). It often brought memories back to me of the special times I spent reading to
my nearly grown boys when they were younger! What a legacy you're leaving for us all! =)

Name:  Aaron & Rebecca Baum
Date:  11/19/09
Comments:  I was connected to your foundation's website, Thanks to my sister Maura.
Cameron's story is very powerful and moving!! We pray that you will be filled with peace and
comfort, and that Cameron's Story will go around the globe!! We look forward to helping you
in any way that we can!! Books are on their way.

Name: Michelle Stiffler
Date:  11/18/09
Comments:  I was fortunate to have had the pleasure of meeting you recently (through one of
my closest and best friends-Maura). Although Cameron's journey of life was shortened, the
amount of lives he touched will be endless. You are a strong and blessed family. Cameron was
just as lucky to have you as you were to have him. I will keep all of you close in my heart.

Name: Jennifer Steil
Date:  11/17/09
Comments:  As I read your story and your mission I am brought back to the 4 weeks I spent
on bedrest at Albany Med. trying to remain pregnant as long as possible. My daughter was
born 10 weeks premature and spent her own month in the NICU. I remember standing outside
her incubator and wondering if I'd ever be allowed to hold her and, like you, not knowing
what I could do to help her. She is now four years old and the experience seems like a dream
(or nightmare) from the past. I am so sorry for your loss and commend you for the strength
you have in sharing the memories of your child with the world. What a wonderful way to
honor Cameron's memory and help NICU parents. I look forward to picking out and sending
you some books.

Name: Gonzalez Family
Date:  11/17/09
Comments:  Our son was in the NICU with Cameron for a little while and we got to see first
hand the daily story time.  I remember you holding him and reading to him as he sucked on
his fingers and just gazed up at you like you were his whole world which of course being his
mommy, you were.  My husband and I often watched you and prayed that we could be so
strong.  If we could just be half of what you were with your baby boy maybe it might be
enough.  Weeks later we visited AMC and saw you in the Ronald McDonald Family Room and
found out Cameron was in the PICU.  You were so gracious to us.  You asked us about our
sons health while rangling your daughter into pjs and helping her brush her teeth.  Last
weekend we visited AMC again and heard of Cameron’s passing.  I WAS SO ANGRY.  I stood
right there in the middle of the room and cried.  How incredibly unfair.  How could a boy that
was given so much love be taken?  I'll never understand.  Bless you for this effort of yours
and for your strength.  I'll keep praying for you and your family.   Your love for Cameron
wasn't in vain.  So many of us watched and admired you.  You made us better parents.  Most
importantly, Cameron knew how loved he was.  Never ever doubt that.  God bless you and
you're family.  Books are on the way!!

Name: Lisa Wilson
Date:  11/17/09
Comments:  The loss of a child is great. My thoughts are with your family. My child was in
ICU in a coma and reading is what gave me comfort, when he woke he handed me the book I
had been reading, it felt great to know that even though he couldn't speak he knew.

Name: MaryAnn Hubert
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: The time you had with Cameron will stay in your hearts forever.

Name: Susanne
Date:  11/17/09
Comments: An amazing story. May God Bless you and may your memories comfort you and
bring you peace.

Name: Nicole Aldi
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: I remember the time I was fortunate enough to meet this miraculous little boy, it
was his first day in a crib! Cameron looked so at home in this crib which was decorated with
pictures and special blankets. Cameron and the rest of the Quartiers family are some of the
strongest and most wonderful people I have ever known. My family is so blessed to have
them as part of our lives.

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