Name: Heather Sullivan
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: My twins were born premature at 31 weeks and were in Albany Med's NICU with
Cameron. My son Max was in nursery 5 with him. Though I never officially "met" Cameron, I saw
him and Mommy every day while we were there. Sara, you were an inspiration to me! There were
times I'd be thinking, "I don't know if I can do this" and then I'd look at you with Cameron and
realize how long you'd been at this and if you were still standing, I could do it too. We were
incredibly blessed to have our babies home with us by 34 weeks gestation, which is a miracle. I
am so sorry for your loss, but so happy that you had the chance to get to know your little angel
so well! Jim and I will be sending your foundation some books. God bless your family!

Name: Jaime Sefcik
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: Cameron was such a special little boy who was such a fighter... The Quartiers family
have shown everyone such faith and strength!! I feel blessed to have them as best friends.

Name: Kristy Hubert
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: My beautiful nephew Cameron was such a fighter. The times I spent with him will
never be forgotten. I used to feel helpless visiting him in the NICU and one day I picked up a
book and read it to him. I felt so much closer to him. He stared at me as I read and patted his
bottom. That visit I felt so much closer to him. He was a very special boy and is greatly missed.

Name: Debbi Holden
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: Cameron was the most amazing and powerful little boy I had ever had the privilege of
meeting. He will be in our hearts forever!

Name: Missy Klick
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: I am so grateful that I had the chance to meet your beautiful little boy and that you
are a part of my life.

Name: Michelle Klick
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: My sister in law (a friend of yours)emailed me your website. I too had a preemie son
with premature lung function. And though I was very blessed not to suffer the same loss. I know
how scary, lonely, desperate .... it feels to be caring for your son and praying for the best for
him. My heart and prayers go out to you. I hope you find peace and happiness. Best wishes on
your project! Books are on the way!

Name: Dorcas Baker
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: Such a sad story of a beautiful child that gave a good fight to live and make your
lives better because of him.  You are blessed to have bonded with such a brave little one before
he joined the angels.  Very touching story. God bless!!

Name: Joy Griffin
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: I have followed Cameron's story since the beginning because of updates from our
daughter, Missy. Our hearts go out to your entire family. He was a precious baby and was a
fortunate little boy to have such a strong, loving family.

Name: Melissa Tucker
Date:  11/16/09
Comments: I feel so privileged to have met and spent time with Cameron. We love you all. We
love you guys.