A letter to our son…

It has been over 8 years since I last held you in my arms….feels
like forever…and I still have a lifetime to figure out just how I plan to
do this.  When I dreamed of all the birthdays I thought you would have,
I pictured balloons and cake and celebration.  And while I guess you
don’t always get to choose a happy ending, I do know one thing for
sure.   Your life, sweet baby boy, was certainly worthy of celebration.

And so today I think of you, my chubby cheeked boy.  I think of
gentle kisses on sweet, soft skin.  I think of “kissing games”
and snuggles on Sundays.  I think of slow dances in circles and
storytime by the dim light of the hospital hallway.  I think of
splashes from a tubby, blowing bubbles while your sister laughed
and entertained you.  I think of  innocent, cheeky smiles, and long
conversations while rocking you for hours.  I think of sleeping
cheek to cheek and Eskimo kisses.   And I remember that one
unforgettable afternoon when you rode with your sister in a stroller
out the doors of the hospital and came HOME. I remember staying
awake all night just to watch you sleep in your own crib.   

Precious were our times together.  Grateful are we for every second.  We will celebrate and remember you, our precious baby
boy - every day …. but a little more today.  We will celebrate what absolutely was and what sadly will never be.  

Today we celebrate you…not just because you were a fierce fighter (you were)  and not just because we love you more than
words can say (we do) – but because my dear, sweet, angel boy…it is a day to share your story and to remind others that
despite the end, there is meaning to the journey in between.  

We are so proud to have been chosen to be your mom and dad…so honored for the opportunity to love you…so grateful for
the gift of you.

Today we celebrate you, Cam, and all the joy you brought to our lives.  Happy Birthday, sweet boy.  We love and miss you.  

Mommy, Daddy, big sister Schuyler Rae, and little brother Liam Casey